▌Quality Control System

Principle of quality of Ever-Glory :

99 + ( -1 ) = 0

Ever-Glory’s staff always pursues excellence based on client’s requirement.

“99+(-1)=0” means zero tolerance for imperfections = milestone of the whole group’s QES management.

Ever-Glory pays close attention to every detail concerning quality to meet high standards required by our clients, suppliers and employees

1. Professional training and guidance from the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

2. Client/ Apparel Category Evaluation

Before finalizing client orders, Ever-Glory will meet with clients to understand their business requirements and ensure that not only do we have the right product range, but also that the potential client fits the desired profile of companies we seek to do business with.

3. Assessment of Suppliers (fabrics and garment factories)

Before purchasing, Ever-Glory QA department assesses the quality control abilities of suppliers, conveys the client’s requirement to suppliers and sends out merchandisers to follow up and check their production processes. Ever-Glory QA department performs an annual audit every year to ensure quality, chemical safety and social compliance meets client’s requirements.

4. Fabric and trim quality control

a) During fabric and trim production, Ever-Glory always sends QC to mills and factories to monitor and instruct their production to ensure quality and delivery.

b) After bulk fabric and trims are ready, they will be sent to Ever-Glory’s FAB/ACC warehouse for inspection. Based on 4 point system standard, warehouse does 100% inspection of all shell fabric and performs random check for lining and trims.

c) merchandising team will also send bulk fabric and trims to Ever-Glory’s in-house laboratory to test their interior quality like physical & chemical points based on individual client request.

d) Once Warehouse and laboratory test passed, results will be input into ERP system. At which point fabric/trim can be released to factory for apparel bulk production. If test fail, fabric and trims will be returned to mills for repair or replacement.

5. Quality control system in garment factory

a) PP meeting: Before bulk production for each order, Ever-Glory’s merchandiser, factory QC, workshop leader, technician and supervisor of the sewing team will attend PP meeting to decide technical procedure, inspection standards, key processing points and other details. In this meeting, everybody will learn and discuss all details about this product so that everybody can have the same understanding about the quality request and workmanship clearly to avoid any potential mistakes.

 b) 100% Cutting Piece inspection: After cutting, all pieces must be inspected & numbered. All defective pieces must be replaced!

c) First garment comes out from sewing line: This garment will not only be inspected by factory QC, but also sent to Ever-Glory head office and checked by merchandiser and technician. Then factory will collect all data together to improve bulk.

d) Inline inspection in sewing lines: There is always an inspector in each sewing line to inspect the inline product 100%

e) There are also inspection supervisors in workshops to supervise workmanship and monitor quality always.

f) First garment that comes out from finishing department: This garment will also not only be inspected by factory QC but also sent to Ever-Glory head office and checked by merchandisers and technicians to ensure finishing and packaging are correct.

g) Inspection in finishing department: There are always inspectors in each finishing process to ensure 100% inspection for each step such as ironing, buttoning, bar-tacking and so on.

h) Final inspection in garment factory: Factory has a final inspection team to do 100% inspection before packing. This is to ensure every product packed is up to individual client’s  standards.

6. Quality control from Ever-Glory head office

a) Each order, Ever-Glory will send garment QC to factory to monitor and instruct their production, give factory support and training when necessary. Once any mistake happens, QC will report to Ever-Glory merchandiser in a timely manner. At the same time they will assist factory to solve those technical problems.

b) When factory finished bulk, Ever-Glory will also send Final Inspection team to do a random check based on AQL 1.5-4.0 according to individual client’s request). Once final inspection passed, factory can arrange shipment accordingly. Otherwise factory must repair and re-inspect the bulk.

In 2003, Ever-glory obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification.

In 2010, Ever-glory obtained the updated version ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.